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Blue Crane pays attention to sustainability. This is reflected in the fabric qualities such as organic cotton, recycled polyamide and lyocell. By consciously opting for sustainable fabrics, we contribute to a better world. In addition, all Blue Crane shirts are produced in our own European factory. There is something green in blue!

Fabric qualitys



Organic cotton:

Is generally defined as cotton that is grown organically in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants, and without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals. Its production is supposed to promote and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles. Organic cotton is often used in combination with other fibers.




The wood chips from eucalyptus trees are used to make the luxurious fabric quality lyocell. This makes lyocell one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to work with. Lyocell can be used as a substitute for cotton. This reduces the demand for cotton. It is often used in combination with other fibers. Lyocell shirts feel soft and give you a high wearing comfort. 



Recycled polyamide: 

Is a material that has been recycled from waste. The raw material source for recycled polyamide can be old fishing nets and carpets, and also waste from manufacturing industry. Recycled polyamide is used in the super stretch shirts of Blue Crane. These shirts are made from 84% recycled polyamide and 16% elastane. The stretch of the fabric allows you to fully enjoy your mobility.